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A warm welcome to all touring skiers!

Would you like to get off the beaten track and explore the wild alpine backcountry on skis and skins? Powderwego accompanies you in ski touring in Val d’Isère, in the Vanoise National Park, from beginner to expert level. We are at your service, for your pleasure, for off-piste outings in the best safety conditions.

Discover exceptional ski touring itineraries, close to nature, with Powderwego, expert in off-piste skiing in Val d’Isère.

Ski touring as we know it is halfway between traditional ski touring and freeride off-piste skiing. It is a winter sport which allows, from the ski resort of Val d’Isère, to discover, far from the tumult of the slopes and the ski lifts, magnificent itineraries in the heart of the Vanoise National Park.

This off-piste skiing area is regarded as a ski touring paradise, with endless routes to discover by climbing skins. The Parc National de la Vanoise is the ideal terrain, accessible to all levels of off-piste skier and able to satisfy all your desires: riding in climbing skins, with more or less difference in altitude, gentle or steeper descents for adventure and thrill-seekers. Even teenagers can get in on the action, so you can enjoy a family ski tour.

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ski touring for all levels

What is ski touring?

Just like Freerando, ski touring is one of those high mountain activities that have developed over the last 20 years to go beyond the classic alpine skiing. Come and find new sensations, combining the pleasure of off-piste skiing and hiking in an adventure land. Get away from the resorts and the slopes for an immersion in nature, close to the mountains and its winter wildlife.

Thanks to the evolution of the off-piste ski equipment, whose performances are now as interesting in ascent as in descent, the ski touring has become an activity within the reach of all. For beginners as well as for the more experienced, Powderwego organizes ski touring trips for all profiles and knows how to adapt to all your desires.

Our strengths

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Our support and our high end programs

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Our strict adherence to safety requirements

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Our personalized outings according to your level

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Our passion for powder and mountains

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Our knowledge of the best itineraries around Val-d'Isère

With our teams of off-piste ski instructors or our high mountain guides, go on an adventure on the most beautiful ski touring itineraries of Val-d’Isère.

Our professionals are qualified and experienced, whether they are our high mountain guides or our off-piste ski instructors, all of them are passionate about powder snow and love the mountains. You can leave with confidence, our teams will take the greatest care of the security conditions.

In addition, we provide you with top of the line safety packs containing adapted equipment such as an Airbag avalanche backpack, DVA detection beacon, shovel and probe. Everything is checked before each departure, because your safety is our priority.

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Un homme qui fait du ski hors piste seul en montagne

Powderwego, expert in off-piste skiing for twenty-two years, offers you the guarantee of a top-of-the-line ski touring outing in terms of supervision and safety with specific equipment.

Some examples of ski touring
intineraries in Val d’Isère

Pays Desert / Col des Fours

Accessible by ski touring from the Pissaillas sector in about 1h30 of walking, the Pays Désert and the Col des Fours are a superb double of pleasant and undulating hikes. It will take you to the discovery of the magnificent Haute Vallée de la Maurienne before bringing you back to the Tarentaise by bypassed paths to which only the initiated have access. To be discovered urgently.

Col des Barmes de l'Ours

Accessible by ski touring from the Bellevarde sector in about two hours of walking, the Col des Barmes de l’Ours is located on the skyline for the skier on piste of the Espace Killy. It makes skiers dream and is an object of covetousness as it seems so far away and inaccessible. However, at the start of the slopes and after a beautiful descent into the Vanoise National Park, two hours of walking are enough to get through it. Will go for it ?

Terres Rouges

Accessible by ski touring from the Vallon de la Sache in Tignes, in about 1h15 of walking, the Terres Rouges offer you one of the most beautiful difference in altitude from the Espace Killy to Tignes-les-Brévières, with a minimum of walking access. An exceptional itinerary, it is reserved for experienced skiers on the way up and down. Incredibly beautiful.

Col de la Sana

Accessible by ski touring from the Combe de la Leisse in Tignes, in about 1h45 of walking, the col de la Sana invites you to the heart of the Vanoise National Park. The access is made in wild ground, in full mountain, in a sumptuous frame. The descent starts with a superb sustained slope to be swallowed in one go, in big curves or by savoring small turns to make the pleasure last, according to your mood…

It continues on a huge hilly plateau with gentle slopes to bring you back to Le Manchet, in Val d’Isère. The most courageous will interrupt the descent halfway down the slope to go back up in 20 minutes to Mont Roup and enjoy a new descent of 800m of difference in altitude.

La Sana

Accessible by ski touring from the Bellevarde sector in about 3h30 of walking, the Pointe de la Sana dominates the whole ski area of Tignes, Val-d’Isère, the Vanoise and the Haute Vallée de la Maurienne. The three hours of walking are justified from the moment you reach the summit by the sumptuous 360° panorama that is offered to deserving skiers and hikers. This is without counting the magnificent descent that awaits him after long and delicious moments of rest and contemplation.


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