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Heli-skiing in Val d'Isère !

Come reach the magic of the wide open spaces and virgin slopes and the inaccessible areas around Val d’Isère on board a helicopter, and reach the most exclusive spots. Get onboard and live an extraordinary experience with professionals in backcountry skiing and Heli-skiing for 22 years.

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For more than 20 years, Powderwego has been accompanying powder lovers to discover the Val d’Isère and Tarentaise Valley massifs by heli-ski. Our team of backcountry ski instructors and mountain guides offer a wide range of heli-skiing adventures in Val d’Isere and in the cross-border area of the French and Italian Alps, one of the most beautiful and renowned in the world.

Amazing sensations on the horizon, exclusive routes and a fair price, live an unforgettable heli-skiing experience with Powderwego!

Heli-skiing regulations vary from country to country. Italy authorizes it while it is forbidden in France. French law restricts its authorization to “reverse” heli-skiing, i.e. a ski trip to a dead end and a return and drop off by helicopter. Nevertheless, the Italian summits being only a few kilometers away from Val d’Isère as the crow flies, the possibilities of “classic” heli-skiing remain accessible and therefore unlimited!

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Reverse Heli-skiing by powderwego

Reverse heli-skiing in Val d’Isère

Generally, a reverse heli-skiing trip starts with a hike from the top of the Espace Killy lifts (including the Val d’Isère and Tignes ski areas) to reach a pass or a summit, like the Ouille Noire pass for example.

It continues with superb off-piste skiing down to a valley or a drop zone at the end of the race where a helicopter picks us up and takes us back to Val d’Isère. This is the case for the heli-skiing program in Bonneval-sur Arc (see example below).

Classic" heliskiing in the
Italian cross-border sector

For a classic heli-skiing experience, we take you to Italy for unforgettable day trips, where you can be dropped off at the top of the mountains. Many possibilities, for larger budgets. An incredible experience around the fabulous sectors of La Thuile and Sestriere, from drop-off points such as Mont Ouille, Mont Miravidi or Mont Freduaz.

Experience Heli-skiing in Val d'Isere and in the Italian mountains with a Powderwego professional in optimal safety conditions.

Our heli-skiing trips depend on the weather. If the conditions are not good for the flight, you will be guided to another off-piste, freerando or ski touring activity and reimbursed for the difference in price. For all heliskiing trips, we provide you with a complete safety equipment including avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, ABS® airbag. However, hiking equipment is required and not included.

In addition to the pilot, each helicopter can take 4 skiers and a guide.

Example of a reverse heli-skiing itinerary
to Bonneval-sur-Arc

Itinerary easily accessible from the Pissaillas lifts in the Fronet area after 30 minutes of ski touring. We first pass the Ouille Noire pass at an altitude of 3250 meters, to dive into the sublime Vallon des Montets. There, the choices of routes and orientations are enormous.

We can ski beautiful powder lines in winter and fresh snow in spring. We can go around the Ouille des Reys to discover the village of l’Écot, which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful villages in France, accessible in winter only to hikers and skiers. Until the end of March, it can be crossed on skis by the main street, covered with snow…

We then continue our descent to Bonneval-sur-Arc, the highest resort of the Maurienne, where calm and authenticity reign, at the foot of the fabulous mountain “l’Albaron”, topped by rolling glaciers and immense seracs.

It is at the top of the ski area that the helicopter comes to pick us up to bring us back to Val-d’Isère after a sublime and long flight at 1000 m above the Vanoise National Park. This is certainly one of the most beautiful heliskiing flights in the French Alps. The value of this heli-skiing day trip is simply unbeatable!


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If you need more details, we will respond within 24 hours to any questions you may have about heli-skiing day trips. Depending on your level of off-piste skiing and your expectations, we will offer you a personalized quote.