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Welcome to all snowboarders
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Do you want to send big freeride in the best conditions of safety?

Discover snowboarding in a different way by enjoying magical descents in virgin snow? Do you want to leave the marked slopes and discover the powder fields around Val-d’Isère and the Espace Killy? Let us accompany you safely to hidden spots and help you discover incredible off-piste itineraries.

Our off-piste snowboarding sessions are open to all powder enthusiasts, individually or in a group of friends, in good physical shape, from beginner to expert level in freeride. Depending on your wishes and your technical level, we select snowboarding itineraries among the most fabulous of the Vanoise National Park for day sessions.

Come and ride the most beautiful off-piste spots in Val d’Isère and the Tarentaise Valley with specialized and experienced instructors and mountain guides.

Powderwego has been organising off-piste activities in Val d’Isère for 22 years. We are specialists in off-piste skiing and snowboarding, splitboarding, ski touring, freerando and heliskiing. We have developed our experience and skills over time, according to your wishes and we have adapted to the arrival of each new winter sport activity. Today, we are recognized for our expertise and our specific approach to off-piste skiing based on our in-depth knowledge of the snow and the high mountains.

Powderwego offers custom off-piste snowboarding activities. For your pleasure, our snowboard instructors and high mountain guides will help you discover exceptional snowboarding spots, always trying to meet your expectations as closely as possible: valleys and gentle slopes in open terrain for some, forest rides for others, walls or steep couloirs for extreme sensations… all in a warm and dynamic atmosphere.

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off-piste snowboarding for all levels

Snowboarding in Val d’Isère and in the Espace Killy

Beyond its 300 km of slopes, its snowparks with boardercross and halfpipe and its huge vertical drops, the Espace Killy, and more widely the massifs of the Tarentaise valley, are full of wild spaces, an ideal playground for snowboard enthusiasts and powder lovers. No matter which route you take, you will always be in breathtaking scenery, amidst exceptional high mountain panoramas.

Known throughout the world for its ski area, Val-d’Isère also has an off-piste area considered one of the most beautiful in the French Alps. The possibilities are numerous, the itineraries infinite, the powder fields incredible. All scenarios are possible: make runs from the ski lifts giving access to the off-piste sectors, make a jump to Italy to reach areas inaccessible by helicopter or even go splitboarding.

Powderwego is at your disposal to offer you off-piste snowboarding trips tailored to your level and your desires.

Splitboarding in Val d’Isère with Powderwego

Splitboarding is, like ski touring or freeriding, an activity that has become particularly popular in recent years with those who want to get away from the crowds of skiers and lifts. It’s a mix of hiking and off-piste snowboarding, based on exactly the same principle as ski touring. The splitboard is a snowboard that has the ability to split in two to become a pair of touring skis on which bindings and skins are fitted. Just fabulous!

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities available to holidaymakers, skiers and snowboarders, adventurers and nature lovers, and all those who wish to discover the mountains and snow in a different way, we will show you the best off-piste sectors, from the most famous to the most exclusive, around Val d’Isère and Tignes. If you wish to discover other areas, less known, more preserved, we also organize daytrips to make you live even more sensations during a day.

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Our team of professionals off-piste snowboarding

Our snowboard instructors and mountain guides are all certified and experienced. They will amaze you with their technical expertise and their knowledge of the climatic conditions and the surrounding mountains. They will also be able to advise you in your search for freeride snowboard equipment and help you choose from the best products on the off-piste market, according to your budget and your level.

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Homme qui fait du snowboard hors piste à Val d'Isere

With our snowboard and splitboard professionals, you will safely discover the off-piste area around Val d'Isère and the Espace Killy

From the resort of Val d’Isère, you will climb by gravity in the heart of the Espace Killy. From the top of the lifts, you will be guided by our ski instructors and mountain guides on great descents, for extraordinary off-piste escapes.


As with our off-piste skiing activities, all our snowboarding trips follow strict safety protocols. Your safety is our priority. That’s why we offer you a top-of-the-line security package, reviewed annually and verified before each departure. The bag includes the latest emergency equipment (ABS® airbags, DVA detection beacon, shovels, probes). A briefing on the use of the equipment is organized before each outing.

Our teams are extremely attentive to your safety and that of the group. They keep themselves informed on a daily basis about the quality of the snow cover, the weather and the stability of the snowpack. They are fully aware of the characteristics of the natural environment and its dangers and are trained to deal with emergency situations. Depending on the conditions, we will suggest alternative activities or itineraries.

Take advantage of your stay in Val-d’Isère to go off-piste snowboarding and discover the beauty and diversity of the mountain landscapes of the Vanoise Natural Park. With Powderwego, you leave with all the cards in hand to spend an unforgettable 100% off-piste moment, your eyes will be filled with stars and your head will be full of memories!


In addition to off-piste and splitboarding services
Powderwego also offers you :

If you need more details, we will respond within 24 hours to any questions regarding our services. Depending on your level of off-piste snowboarding and your expectations, we will offer you a quote and a personalized program.